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Friday, August 16th, 2002
9:59p - Salsa two days in a row...then: adventures in apartment hunting
Wednesday Night Talked to Kristen tonight... Man this girl confuses me, I really thought there was no interest there, but yet when I talked to her, she seemed genuinely glad to hear from me... Anyway, she wouldn't go out tonight because she was already in bed by the time I called her, and is going home for the weekend... I complained to her that she never calls, and she shot back, well I haven't heard from you in weeks either! I really dunno with her. I told her to call me when she gets back from pasadena. We'll see if she comes through. Man I'm getting horrible at reading women, as you will see later on in this entry.

Wed. night...Salsa with anna and Catherine! Always fun... Anna was like, "you didn't even say bye to me sunday night!"
We had gone to Belly-up sunday and by the end of the night, Anna was chilling with her friends from work, so closing time rolls around and the girl walks past me, so me and the boys take off. But outside she spotted me from far away and yelled, you didn't say bye! I said, "You left me!" and then she takes off.
So Wednesday we straightened things out, which was nothing really. Man I think i've relegated myself into the friend zone with these two... I doubt I'm going to get anywhere with Anna... But we had a pretty good time at sevilla , I danced with this one chick that either was drunk or had the wrong idea , because when we danced , she straight up laid her entire body all up on me, I was like, OK.... cool... I guess... Anyway I danced with her for a while but then feel a wedding band on her left hand, hehe, I let her go after that. Anna was all proud of me, she hadn't seen me at Sevilla recently, and noticed that I dance with a lot of different girls. She was saying how it takes guts to ask a complete stranger to salsa, first of course is the fear of rejection, then of course you have to lead the girl and that takes confidence to just come up with a sequence on the fly. But yeah, I was like, that's right, it's tough being the boy! Seriously, everytime a guy asks a girl to dance or to go out, he puts his heart out there to be stepped on... It's a tough job and takes a lot of pride swallowing... but somebody's gotta do it. Anyway, point is, as long as you have a good time, in the end it's worth the rejections.

Thursday NightMet this great girl tonight at Sevilla. Saw her sitting down at the table next to us, and I approached her to dance. We really hit it off! I had her laughing and she really seemed like she was enjoying herself, we talked about how she's stubborn and not patient enought to be a teacher...then she told me she had 3 kids, I was like Ok.... but she was messing with me... She wanted to see my reaction supposedly.... anyway, one dance became two and so on.
" who'd you come here with? " I asked.
she replies," with my girlfriend... I'm gay..."
at this point Dave's catching on...
" So do you pick on everyone you meet or should I feel special?"
" No, only guys named David"
Anyway we have a drink and I find out that she's 26, from LA and is just here visiting...She's going to Ensenada for the weekend. Sigh... We hung around and danced til the damn club closed up! Anyway at this point, Looks and Jorge were waiting on me, and thinking that I'm in there for sure! Which is what I thought too! But dang! what the hell happened? Anyway we walk over and she introduces me to her friends and I do the same but at this point we're getting kicked out by the bouncers. So I go for the digits and guess what? no she has no cel phone... I ask for the home digits and she just wants to call me the next tijme she's in town. She's supposedly comin back in a week or two to visit family and seemed to want to get together then, but I did not manage to get any digits.
I either seriously misread this girl or messed up at some point during the night.
Man! Well, we seriously had a great night, but we'll see if it was great enough to warrant a call from her...

Friday Apartment hunting with Jorge, and we hit up a place that we liked last time, plus it didn't hurt that the leasing consultant was hot and liked our vibe. haha! Too bad she had a ring. Anyway, the last time we were there, we seriously had her laughing about our Vegas trip.
"You guys were fun!" was how she ended our last visit.
This time, the first thing she said when she saw us was, "I thought of you guys when I was in Vegas! I saw one of those electric cars that you guys were talking about!"
She had gone with a bunch of her girlfriends the weekend before and went partying without her man.
"Man, If I had known it was just you and all girls, I would've scrounged up some money to go to Vegas again!" I laughed.
"Well, I think I'm going in September, my sister is turning 21 and I'm gonna take her there for her b-day"she said
Haha, It'd be a trip if we could work the timing out and be in Vegas at the same time as her.

So she was driving us on a tour of the complex with her golf cart and mentioned that the brakes were weird.
"Yup, that's what Jorge tried to say after crashing the electric car !" I said. She remembered that little incident too, since we talked about it on our last visit.
" What did you hit again?" she asked
" a caddy, but the brakes were weird, it wouldn't stop!" he tried to explain.

So in the two bedroom we scoped out, the kitchen was huge, the 2 bedrooms were a decent size and the kitchen actually had a little nook for a computer I think. Jorge wants to convert that into a bar.
Dana was fine with that, saying how she'd be up here every night after wor and on her lunch breaks grabbing drinks with us.
"Man, we're gonna turn you into an alcoholic! You're gonna lose your job because of us! going in all drunk everyday!" I said.

Jorge wanted to see how he'd feel walking home at the end of a long day so he stepped out and closed the door. Dana was standing next to the fireplace facing the door, so as Jorge walked in, he said,
"Damn! look at this place! with the fireplace and beautiful Dana here to greet me at the end of a long day! I'll take it!"
It was classic...
"Sorry man, it'd actually be me standing there greeting you" I corrected.
"That's true, we do have the same blue shirt on" Dana said
The place had a pimp ass automatic fiireplace! She turmed it on and that was it, we were sold as of that moment. We were thinking of the numerous possibilities that thing would lead to, of course Jorge thought out loud...
"Yep we could just use that fireplace and chill on the couch with Dana..." "Oh wait did I say that out loud?"
"OK I think I'll wait for you guys by the front door" she joked...

"You've gotta give us nice guys a hookup on the rent!" I pleaded.
She changed the subject gracefully and tried to turn serious by proceeding with the dimensions of the room. Now Jorge wasn't going to let her get serious on us. so...
"Look at her trying to act all serious" Jorge teased. And that cracked her. She just started smiling again. Man, we just had straight flow going with her!
So I tried in vain to ask her for a discount on rent one last time, but all she'd offer was...
" I'll invite you guys to Vegas next time I go and buy you drinks"
"That sounds great but won't make up for the fact that we're gonna pay $1540 in rent!" I laughed.
She told me that she'd call me on my cel tomorrow if rent rates go down. And then got Jorge's number too,
"I gotta get that free martini" she said.

14 days till move-out and still no apartment

current mood: giddy

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