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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, August 21st, 2002
7:47p - Melissa walks into my life...
New person at the bank and she is damn fine! haha! But here's the catch, she's only 20... so that means no taking her out to clubs or salsa... sigh... Here's the deal, she seems very cool, and the first day we met, she was telling me how she's lonely and it's her first time living alone.
"I''m gonna have to make David take me out and make new friends!" she says
"Ok, This Thursday, I'm gonna go to cafe Sevilla for salsa... you wanna come?" I ask
She hesitates, and then tells me that she's underage... which surprised me since I thought she was at least 22. But I guess her height fooled me.
So anyway later on in the day, she says " You're going to have to take me out to dinner... I'm hooking you up with all these new accounts"
I'm thinking hell yeah, anytime! haha! but I keep my cool , and give her my number since I'm not working wednesday...

current mood: awake

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