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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, August 24th, 2002
3:23a - Drama at work...
Man, I love this extra incentive to go to work, now that Melissa's there :) Anyway, I see her today...
This time she says,
"You'd better take me to a big dinner, because I just opemed an $80,000 account under your name. "
I'm thinking, if you'd be free one of these nights, I would take you to dinner dang it!
"So are you busy tonight?" I ask.
She says no finally, and I offer to take her to dinner.

But her friend from Orange county decides to visit her tonight, so no dinner for us this night. But... here's a good sign,
"But what are you doing Monday?" she asks
"Here, we'll put it in writing right now... Monday night, we'll do something"
So here's where I stand, I've asked her out once and she's cancelled on me, but understandably so.... so tomorrow, I'll see her at work, we'll see if she brings up lunch...

OK here's the drama... A few minutes before closing, Teller A tells me to take care of something, I tell her that I'm unable to due to the fact that I have 2 loan apps to process before the 6:30 cutoff. I've been trained my whole career that loans take priority over operational BS like pushing crap into the vault. So anyway 5 minutes later, the Teller Manager tells me to "man the door" . I say, no... I have 2 loan apps to process, so that's my priority at this moment. So at this point, both of them are pissy at me. So as I finish what I'm doing, I decide to air it out... Keep in mind, It's been a long day for me, and I'm under stress trying to get these 2 loans in within the next 30 minutes.
I try to explain my situation to one of them... and guess what?
"Well you seemed to have time to talk to Melissa"
I can't believe she took it there! That was ugly...
Man, that's straight up petty... I dont tell them how to do their jobs and neither should they.
WHO the hell are they to tell me how to do my job ?
Man, get over it, you ain't the boss of me, and you aint never gonna be the boss of me, aight? That messed up my day.
But I ain't gonna let it mess up my night ;)

Off to the jacuzzi I go...

After a dip, we head to PB bar and grill, the old stand by. We walk in right past the long line, of course. VIP status all the way!

on a lighter tip...Stephanie, Jorge's fine nieighbor, was telling us how a guy can have great looks but yet she won't be attracted to him if he doesn't have the flow... she says a guy can be OK looking but if he makes her laugh, that's when attraction comes into play...
Mental note: be funny around Steph...

anyway, that is true... if I can make a girl laugh, it is a damn good sign.

OK so I've found an apartment... BUT it's not available til 2 weeks after I move out of my present place. So.... Dave's gonna be homeless for 2 weeks... UNLESS, someone let's me crash at their place, hmm... hint hint Melissa....

current mood: annoyed

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