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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, August 25th, 2002
7:43p - Who are you?
OK, ever have one of those after a drunken night moments?
Here's mine.
So as you all know, I'm moving in less than 7 days... So as I'm packing I notice a piece of folded paper on my desk, I unfold it and it reads : Stephanie 702-###-####
I have no clue who this is, or how it got on my desk... So I think and think and still can't recall who the hell this is. It's not a Stephanie I know, because it's a Vegas area code.
So I call Geo since he's usually around when we party hard.
He has no clue neither. So I guess I'm gonna have to be a brave boy and call it.
So, I dial the number and it rings a couple of times before some guy's voice comes on.
"Is Stephanie there?" I tentatively ask.
It goes silent then I hear a girl's voice asking who it is... the guy doesn't know. then click. They hung up.
OK this is weird.
But one minute later, they call back, the guy comes on and asks,
"you called for steph right?"
"who is this? Jim?"
"nope, It's Dave"
"Oh OK, here's steph"
A girl's voice comes on the phone.
"hi, who is this?"
"It's Dave. I was wondering why I have your name and number in my pocket?" I ask.
"Dave? Oh Dave! You know me through Jim!" she laughs.
"Jim? Jim... oh wait... Jim Schafer?"
"yeah! "
"oh!, ok... well thanks, late."
I hang up embarassed.

Now it all comes back to me. After Van's party on Monday, we headed over to Jorge's house, where Schafer had 2 girls visiting him from Vegas. So it was Chris, the two girls and me. I guess at some point during the night, I got her number? Interesting...

current mood: embarrassed

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