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Dave's Journal

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Monday, August 26th, 2002
7:00p - Salsa Sunday!
Sunday night: Me and Geo roll up to the Belly-up with Barbara and her friend Marissa.That place was better this sunday. So Barbara drags us to a corner so we can show her and Marissa some moves. But as I showed Geo and Barbara my favorite combination, we gave an unintentional class to a few people that decided to watch us . So as I continue teaching Marissa, I hear a girl's voice,
"David, you suck!"
Who else could that be but Anna! and she brought Catherine too.
So I head out to the dance floor with Anna, my favorite partner, because she dips like no other.
"I saw you on my missed calls, so I knew you'd be here",she said.
So we dance a song, then I switch to Catherine, who's moving to LA in a week!

Anna yanks me over to show her friend how to do a move and asks me to do a cuddle into a side dip combination and we hit it perfectly, I mean seriously, I dipped her in one fluid motion, like catching her just as she's about to fall. It's like ESP baby! anyway, she used me for that little demo and tosses me away... I feel so used ;)
How's that Withers song go?
"Brother if you only knew you'd wish that you were in my shoes
You just keep on using me until you use me up ..."

Monday rolls along, and remember Melissa? The new girl at work?
No call back...
OK that's it this goes in the little black book, right next to her name, in permanent ink even.
She's cancelled. ;)

current mood: disappointed

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