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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, August 27th, 2002
10:12p - OK complete 180...
So Tuesday rolls along and I walk into work, passing casually by Melissa on the teller line. I'm still mad at her for dissing on me Monday night.
So she strolls on by my desk, sits down and explains to me,
"Last night, I was in bed by 6pm, I think I'm homesick..."
at that point, her eyes well up a little bit, and of course all is forgotten on my end...
I gave her a little hug
"don't touch me or else I'll start crying here at work..."
So she asks me if i'm busy tonight and wanted to see if I wanted to hit up Ikea with her.
Now it's 5:30pm, time for her to take off and I'm still with my customer, I see her start to write a note for me, so I excuse myself and head on over to her.
"I'm too tired to go shopping..."
before she finished I said "no way are you flaking out on me again... Let's go out for dinner."
So she agrees and I pick her up at 7.
I swing by her place and get a tour. She has a 2-bedroom and her roommate won't move in til mid Sept.
So I subtly hint, "I'm gonna be homeless for the next two weeks!"
she gives me this look of concern, "Are you serious? You could stay here with me"
"Are you sure I wouldn't be a bother?"
"I'd love to have someone stay with me"
So we come to an agreement. I teach her how to cook dinner and supply her with alcohol and she'll let me stay for free.
Dave is on top of the world right about now...

We end up going to the Cheeesecake factory, where we had a pretty good conversation, I found out a few things about her that I would never have suspected...
And I find out she has a man... *doh*
BUT, she's only been with him since January, and he's old.... I'm like, "you need to stop seeing old men. You should limit your age range to 25 year olds max"
eventually I get this out of her , "yeah, the next guy I date after **** will be under 26"
Somehow we move on to pet peeves, she mentions that she's an eater.
"I can't stand girls that go out on dates and not eat anything"
She is getting cooler by the second!
"I hate vegetarians" i reply
So we talk about her 21st birthday comin up in october.
"We should get that weekend off and go to Vegas!" She suggests.
I'm thinking at this point, let's do some more stuff, catch a movie or somethin. But she's tired...
After dinner, I drop her off and head to OB for a few brews with Geo and his friend Chris.

Chris is drunk afterwards and we decide to visit another bar to see if the girl he knows is there.
But the bouncer informs us that they're closed.
So we sneak around back and get in. But the bouncer spots us and heads on over to us. We leave because the bar is dead anyways.
Chris is to the point that he doesnt care anymore so he tries to get in the front door again. It's locked...
Let's go home...

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