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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, August 28th, 2002
10:24p - Meet the parent
Time for work...
I see Melissa, and she asks, " so when do you want to move in?"
"Either tonight or tomorrow night, I want to start movin some boxes in, if it's OK with you"
"Not tonight cuz my dad's coming for dinner, but I'll get you a key by tomorrow"
so at lunch she goes home to finish the cheesecake leftovers .
After I take my lunch, I find a brand new key on my desk. It caught me off guard at first, then I figure it was Melissa.
So I go up to her and ask if that was her key, she smiles and nods.
"Thanks!" I gush.
So 4 pm rolls around and this big guy comes in, I see a blur go past me as Melissa jumps into his arms. It's her dad.
And he's taking a seat at my desk. He has a crazy handshake, I should know since I literally shake hundreds of hands monthly. But this guy has a extra firm grip.
You can tell alot by a man's handshake...
Melissa introduces me as Dave, the guy I told you that's gonna move in. Ugh
But he seemed not to mind and we struck up conversation about his mortgage, her dining room table, how I reminded her of this banker back home
"hes persistent like him" Melissa says.
"Is this a good thing, reminding you of him?"
"oh yeah, he's a great guy" they both reply, so I guess it's a good thing.
So they take off and do their thing.

current mood: nervous

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