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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2002
1:20a - I must be tired
i turned down happy hour today with a bunch of girls to top it off. But I was seriously pooped from today. Woke up way to early...

8:45 AM Started the day with Jorge waking me up to tell me the cable guy's here. I mindlessly get up and freshen up without thinking to check the clock. Turns out I could've continued sleeping since Jorge was up. anyway I gave him crap for waking me up.
Cable guy finishes in less than an hour and we leave for work . I actually wanted to drop of some flowers at Mel's place(for her troubles after letting me crash for 2 weeks) but those plans were canceled after walking up to her back door and seeing a figure on the couch. I knock thinking it's her, but woops, it's a guy.
So I introduce myself and leave. Good thing I didn't bring the flowers with me to the door.
so I drive to work and call her to come outside.... I didn't really want to walk into work on my day off with a vase full of flowers and hand them to her. so...
"are ya busy?"
"kinda... what are you doing later?" she asks
"I'm actually here, can u come out?"
"I have a delivery for ya"
She comes out after 10 minutes with a customer.
gave her the flowers... she loved em.
I wonder if anyone said anything after she took them in to work...
Anyway, so I picked her up for lunch and she tells me how her ex called her up today. I tried my best to encourage her to stay broken up. I honestly think that I have her trust... is that good?
Anyway, the evening was pretty uneventful, Barbara abd Bobby were the 1st visitors to our new pad. We all went to a polynesian place for dinner. THen it's time for Sopranos since I had no HBO yesterday.
I must be tired, I nearly drifted off near the end.

talked to �-girl tonight, tried to convince her to come down and visit, but she doesn't want her mackless bf to find out. So that's a no-go. She seriously needs to ditch this guy. Who'd want to stay in a relationship like that? But hey I guess we're all entitled to make a few mistakes in our lives...

current mood: tired

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