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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, September 22nd, 2002
3:40a - Wild Night
So a bunch of us roll up to Jorge's friend JB's party for her B-day. Right off the bat I get a funny vibe from the filipino guys there. So did Ofer and Chaz. So we mind our own business but some fools were mugging us the whole night... Anyway we had a pretty decent time. But apparently tall ass Chaz stuck out like a sore thumb a the party. He approached some fools about getting up on the turntables for a set but they took it the wrong way apparently. Anyway, he came down to warn us that something was about to go down.
so after 5 minutes or so I see a gang load of Filipino guys roll upstairs and drag some random guy out. Chaz of course had to get up in the mix because he's just that way.
I know that fucker's tall but even 6'3 Chaz can't take 15 filipino guys on by himself. So I see them gang up on him and that just ain't fair. I dunno where the rest of his boys were but I saw Chaz go down and the friggin gang load of guys just started kickin him while he was down. I tried to pull some fools off of him and so did Jose, but the rest of our boys didn't know that this was even happening. anyway the Filipino guys let up after some other fools pull them off and Chaz goes to his truck.
At this point things are getting out of hand, we're talking about serious retaliation. But luckily some cops roll up and the situation calmed down a bit. So we all took off.
It comes down to this, the boys Chaz rolled with did not back him up. The rest didn't know that he was involved. Me and Jose however tried to pull off as many guys as we could, but there were too many of them :(
Jorge feels a little guilty for 1 week

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