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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, October 5th, 2002
7:58p - Guess who I saw at Ole?
The plan last night was to hit Downtown with Aerin, Christine and Rebecca, but the gals flaked, so then the plan was guys night out, but then some other girls called and it was us and 3 girls, always a good thing. Funny how things work out.
So we all roll up to Ole Madrid where the line is long for a Friday, and to top it off they were taking their sweet time letting folks in.

After 45 minutes in line, we finally get in. At the bar I spot this fine looking brunette that's also lookin my way. She gives me this big smile and says hi.

OK... who is this beauty and why do I not remember her?

But as I step closer ... It's Shiva!
She chopped off her hair and has it a little less than collar length now, man she looks better than ever... Aerin and crew thought I was striking up a conversation with a fine looking stranger, so they were all impressed until I they realized I knew her. haha!

So we talk for a bit and catch up. Anyway, turns out she moved up to NorCal and was just visiting this weekend. Oh well there goes my plan of getting her to go out with me...

All in all I had a pretty good time considering I was driving.

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