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Dave's Journal

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Monday, October 7th, 2002
4:39a - Dave, stop picking up bank customers...
So I was opening up an account for this tall attractive brunette the other day and we get to talking about school. She'd just graduated with an Econ degree and is now taking some extension courses. We clicked pretty well.
So by this point it was almost 3 pm and I still hadn't eaten lunch yet, so I offer to take her to lunch.
Find out she's not going to use economics as her career but instead is going into dentistry. I guess that could be an option for me...
Small world though, turns out her best friend was one of my study partners last quarter.
So I got the digits and I gotta figure out when to take her out this week.

Man a breakfast burrito at 3 AM from Ramiro's tastes perfect after a night of partying. At $2.50, it's the best thing I've ever tasted.

Got a weird call from Jo this morning, as I was recovering from my hangover... Turns out she had been trying to call me all through the night. Both me and Jorge were out , we were exhausted from the party so neither one of us heard the numerous calls at 4 am... Man we are both sound sleepers.

So it turns out she actually was in SD last night and wanted to visit. By the time I returned her call, she was already on the way home to Irvine. OK, she drove to SD in the middle of the night and left this morning. weird.

whew, our season's not over yet!

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