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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, October 9th, 2002
11:19p - Free drinks all night
So last Sunday, as I was getting a new cel phone, I spot this tall asian girl (half-asian?) that's unusually blessed body wise (for an Asian) and she looked really familiar. So as I was talking to the sales guy, she asks me and Jorge how busy the sports bar was, she mustve seen his Raiders shirt.

Turns out she worked upstairs at the bar and had to go. She asked if we could bring up her cel phone in exchange for a drink and hey, who am I to turn down free booze? I happily agree.

We head on up there and drop off the phone, we talk for a little bit, turns out she's taking salsa classes at UCSD! I asked her to come out with us the next time we went dancing. So she ends up hooking me and Jorge up with 6 beers and 2 shots total. I felt bad so I left her a tip, she was like, you didnt have to...

Anyway, we exchange digits and I promise to call her for salsa.

Turns out the Belly up has a concert going on this sunday, so salsa sunday has been canceled. oh well.

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