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Monday, October 14th, 2002
4:51a - It's dark outside
The night is when I get my best thinking in. Or maybe it's because the night is the only time that I get time to myself to think. I'm sure this is the case for many people. I'm such a night person though, I hate getting up early. I'm glad tomorrow is a bank holiday. Priya, the one I met at the bank, was telling me how we should never think too much, it leads to trouble. Her theory is that too much time alone leads to thinking, and too much thinking leads to bad things like depression. Which kinda makes sense, I mean I never see depressed people out on the town with their friends. Thinking is bad for your mood. :)

10:18pm: So anyway, I've been talking to Priya on and off for about a week. We hadn't been able to set a date since our lunch. So she calls me back one night. I was out running, but when I come back I spot her message.
"Hey it's me, I got off work early (9:30p) and was wondering if you wanted to hang out"
So I give her a call back,
"So where did you have in mind?"
"Oh I dunno, I'm kinda tired, so I feel like somethin chill, we can figure it out when you get here"
So I pick her up at around 10:45 and she comes out all sleepy-eyed, she'd dozed off on the couch earlier.
So we drive and she suggests we chill at the beach.
I park and we take a walk and get to talking, where I found out that she's going through a tough breakup.
In the back of my mind ,
"Man, she better not be steering me towards the friend zone, I've had more than my fair share of that crap"
Things seem promising though, but I've been having a tough time reading women, so who knows.

A few days later, I call her back for dinner, but she had to work that evening, so she couldn't. I'm ok with that since I get to change into my PJ's, lounge on my couch and watch the Giants win another playoff game. But my plans were interrupted around 7:30, turns out she got off work early again. I was all ready to veg out in front of the TV.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to change your plans, but I'm in this cafe in La Jolla and I could really use a friend right now" she said with a little tremble in her voice.

Turns out she's still trippin over her ex. I get there and we go to dinner where I find out that she knows her ex's current girl and that's making it hard on her.
So after dinner I take her back to her car, when I find out that she's planning on goin to a friend's house to study. I suggest my place.
" I dunno, I'm not ready"
" ready to ... hang out?"
"I don't know what intentions you may have , but I need some time to figure out my break-up"
So at least she knows that there may be something going on between us. She hesitated too, before getting out... she stepped back in and closed the door again before finally deciding to leave.

Took Kristen out for a belated birthday dinner Friday night. I feel comfortable around Kristen, I don't know if it's because I've known her a while now or what. But comfort doesn't necessarily mean there's a romantic connection there. That's where my trouble is, figuring out whether or not she wants anything beyond a friendship... So the original plan was to go to the Cheesecake fatory, but after discovering that the wait time was 60-85 minutes, we ditched for the place across the way, Crocodile Cafe. We had a drink at the bar where we talked about everything from getting old to marriage. Actually, we hung around that topic a bit. She was talking about how she's not even sure if she wants to get married, I agreed, saying how marriage is just another institution imposed upon us by our society... Isn't it?

When we get our table, she told me how she noticed that the ladies at a nearby table were staring at us pointing at us and then talking about us. She had stared borderline glared at them until they stopped. I reassured her with the fact that I get recognized in the weirdest places. ( I just got recognized at a party Saturday night. Where a girl pointed me out to a friend and said, "you opened my account! Your name's David ***!!!!" OK that's cool, but the fact that she remembered my full name was a bit strange. So I shook her hand and left)
Back to Kristen, I told her that I'd probably opened an account for those ladies or something.

Was that a good sign or a bad one? Good in that she's feeling protective/possessive of me by noticing other women talk. or bad in that her eyes were wandering during our conversation. During dinner she surprised me by saying that she wanted to become a teller at my bank. I told her that the pays only so-so, but then she reconsidered when I told her that I may be leaving for a new bank.
After dinner, we catch The transporter. which was fun, but nothing too deep. We both laughed at the corny dialogue. So after the movie, she brings up the fact that someone had hit on her earlier that day, with a 'Hi cutie'
She asked me, " you wouldn't just go up to a stranger and say that would you?"
We had a good night, but like I said, I have no idea where I stand with her interest wise. I think I'll give it one more date with some wining and dining to see if there's anything there.

Called Mel yesterday to hang out, she sounded fine, but didn't seem too keen on havin conversation with me, so that was that.

The Giants won earlier today, man they sure know how to win dramatically. Nen ( the closer) had another one of those heart-pounding white-knuckled 9th innings. Exciting stuff, the post-season. Especially when your team is up 3 games to 1.

I have an interview with a new bank on Thursday, my current job is fun but it doesn't pay enough and I didn't appreciate the tough time they gave me in salary negotiations when I converted to a full timer. The new bank will pay better if I get hired, plus the corporate culture at a smaller company may benefit me.

Speaking of interviews, I had to brush the dust off one of my suits. It's been a while since I've worn one. Turns out my waistline is not as slim as it once was. I've been running and working out semiregularly, but my waist is in this in-between stage, where the new pants I bought are now loose but I don't fit comfortably into my old pants. So it's off to get them altered tomorrow.

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