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Thursday, October 17th, 2002
2:45a - we all growns up now
Driving with Anna to Cafe Sevilla, we were talking about how we both aren't where we'd thought we'd be at this point in our lives, she thought she'd be in grad school, getting her PhD, never did she think she's be getting her real estate license.
Me, I'd thought I's be on the fast track to becoming the CEO of a startup company. But that's life for ya... The trick is, take what you get and make the best of it.
Anyway, I was telling her what a tag team we'd make, she'd sell the home and I'd close the loans. She'd refer me people who need loans and I'd refer potential home buyers. Good idea huh?
She's my kind of girl: strong, independent and spunky. And she's fun to dance with.
So I got to check out her new pad in La Jolla. Pretty sweet, she's got a lot of space.
Met her overweight cat, Rocky. She spoils that guy, I can barely feel his ribs through all that meat.

So Anna and Melissa met yesterday night... I was with Mel at Starbucks when Anna called and we caught up a little bit. Turned out she was in the same shopping complex, so she stopped by and said hi. It's always interesting to see how one of your friends reacts to a new one. Anna was totally friendly and talkative, while Mel was either stand offish or wanted to let me and Anna talk. Either way, Mel didn't really talk to Anna. Man for 5 minutes there, I looked like a pimp, with 2 hotties just chillin in front of Starbucks.

Priya swung by my work today, that girl is going through a ton of issues right now, I doubt a relationship of the serious nature with her would work at all. But she sat and I talked with her for a while, trying to figure out why she's still not over her breakup. I was gonna grab lunch with her but I had no one to cover me at that time. But we managed to get in a decent conversation until a rude french lady came over and interrupted us so that I could assist her. Damn French people...

Had to cancel on Josie tonight, she was gonna swing by and check out my new pad but I had made plans to salsa with Anna. Josie's flyin to NY tomorrow. I've always wanted to visit NY, but still havent found the time nor the money.

Had an interesting conversation with about prunes... she called today. Haven't talked to her in a while. Glad to see she's enjoying her mini vacation.

Went to a corny little awards ceremony after work today. The only reason being that I had 4 awards and my boss wanted me to look good by showing up. My boss' boss, the region manager gave me a pretty nice intro before handing me my award ( ireally shouldn't say award, it's more like a paper certificate printed from a deskjet)
"and now, here's a new face, he was recently converted to a full timer from part time and just recently graduated from college and he wanted to go straight into senior personal banker. we told him the goals would be much higher, and he said ' bring it on' from XXX branch, David X! "
that was sweet, it almost made up for my low salary and crappy takeout food that they were serving.
Jackie, the dancer( ex-gulls cheerleader) was there. I always love going to these things with her. She cracks me up with the stuff she says. Anyway, she invited me to a housewarming on Sat. Thats right before Mel's b-day party. Man I'm gonna be toasted Saturday!

I have an interview tomorrow morning with another bank... wish me luck!

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10:26p - a revelation!
I rolled up to work in my suit today after my interview. Everybody was all commenting on it.
I love any attention I can get from Jackie. She's all," you look very handsome in that suit"
"you're lookin very pretty yourself" I shoot back
"seriously, that suit looks good on you" she says. I just thanked her sheepishly.
Of course the suit startled the boss, he's all,
"lookin sharp man! But it can only mean one of two things, interview or a girl, which is it?"
So I let him know that I'm interviewin, which I normally wouldnt have done , but since he's already interviewin for a different division, I figure we're kinda on the same boat.
Melissa saw me and was like, "why are you all dressed up?"
Told her about the interview and she was all, " I love pinstripes" referring to my suit.
Unfortunately, I had no witty comeback at that time.
Now she wants us to dress up alike for Halloween, She wants to be Wonder Woman and I can be her Superman.
Haha! So Melissa finally reveals her true feelings towards me...not.
We were talkin about how her and her current roommate Grace always crawl into bed with each other.
I was like " How come you never crawled into my bed when I lived there?"
"well, you only lived with me for 2 weeks"
"I see, so a few more weeks and it woulda happened huh?"
She laughs," actually I was talking to Grace the other night, I was askin her, ' why can't Andy (her ex) be like Dave? Nice, easy to talk to, etc'"
Dang it! I'm right here Mel! You can crawl into my bed anytime.
So that's good and bad. Good that she loves me, bad that she wants Andy to be me...
that's my life man... sad aint it?

Kristen called me tonight, I love the way we talk, she's easy to talk to, easy to make laugh, and we share the same interests. So I ask her," why does it always take you a week to return my messages?"
" It's because I've had school, after school, I go home, then go out. Besides, I like to set aside time when I talk to people, don't you hate it when someone calls and it's just, whats up and goodbye?"
so I reply" are you saying I'm special, now you're setting aside time for me?"
"No, I mean yeah, i mean no" she laughed
" I didn't call my mom until today, It just takes me a while to return my phone calls, even to the important people."
" So we've reached a new point in our relationship. A breakthrough! I'm an important person in your life!"
So to summarize things, she's been busy with school, so I forgave her for not callin me back, and she's busy this weekend studying for a midterm on monday. So no date this weekend. But she suggested Wednesday, since she has homework on Tuesday. I reply, " You better make sure you reserve Wednesday for me, It's MY day. Make sure you mark it on your little black book, "wednesday-Dave's day"
She laughed," No, YOU better mark ME down in your little black book for Wednesday!"
So we end it on a good note. This time I'm switchin things up... Movie and THEN dinner...

Interview went well, they have to perform a background check before they extend an offer, so I guess I sit and wait for a week or so.

Nicole, I'm disappointed in you... why'd you give up on that plan so fast? It was a good plan dammit!

current mood: happy

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