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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, October 20th, 2002
5:57p - Big weekend
Friday : So now that the bosses know about the interview with the other bank, they really scrambled to arrange a meeting with me. My boss told me that his boss wanted to meet me Saturday morning before my shift started. Now tht signifies that they are making an effort right? Since they both are comin in to work on a saturday morning on their day off to talk to me. I figure they're going to make me an offer...
Thw new bank hasn't called me back yet, they said it would take til the end of the week, so by the time I'm in Vegas next weekend, I may have something to celebrate.

Friday night , I head to the mall to pick out Melissa's birthday gift when I get a call from Tammy. I haven't heard from her in a while. She wants to grab some dinner,so I get her to come to the mall and help me pick out a gift for Mel. I thought of getting her a shirt or a sweater from Banana or something but Tammy vetoed that saying it'll come off as too friendly. We walked around and thought for a while before she came up with Tiffany's. I was like," a bit expensive isn't it?"
She's says"you could get her a nice keychain, that way you don't come on too strong, but once she sees that Tiffany aqua, she'll know something's up. It won't weird her out either cuz in the end, it's only a keychain, albeit a very nice keychain"
I agreed totally, but we were at the wrong mall. Plus Tammy was starving, so she didnt feel like driving to Fashion Valley with me. Then she gave in once she brought up Cheesecake Factory, I agreed to buy dinner for her efforts in picking out this gift. So we drive down there, and theres a 60 minute wait for a table at Cheesecake. So we put our name down and head to Tiffany's
I've never been there before, it's a little bit intimidating when you first walk in, with all the glass cases full of things that I can't afford. We head over to the silver section and pick out a keychain.

We had a good dinner, in the middle of it, Nicole aclled to see what I was up to, speaking of Nicole she had a funny dream Friday night, which I'll get to further down...

Anyway, We finish and head out to her place, I hadn't checked out her pad yet. It's pretty big for only 1800/month. Guess how many bedrooms? 4 bedrooms! Pretty good deal, I must say.

Saturday morning: Meeting with the two bosses. I crashed before setting my alarm, so I wake up at 8:26AM, guess what time the meeting is? 8:30 AM haha!
I scramble out of bed, rinse out my mouth, missing the sink and getting my floor wet. I slap on the contacts while trying to get the bed head out of my hair using lots of water. I grab a fresh shirt and run to the car.

I get there at 8:40 am, some kind of record for me, if i say so myself. I meet them at the cafe across the parking lot from my work where they were waiting. The gist I got from the whole talk was basically, have patience, stick with the company and you could go far. They didn't make any firm offers or give me any numerical amounts, but the region manager promised to look at my pay and adjust it accordingly. Not exactly what I wanted to hear, but hey, they made an effort to keep me at least. Now the ball's in my court. I'm just going to sit and wait and see what the new bank's offer will be. Actually, come to think of it, that's probably what the bosses are doing too, maybe they want to see what offer I get before extending one themselves...

In the middle of it, Nicole calls me at 9:20am, I tried to discreetly hit my phone button. Turns out that she had a dream that Melissa really liked me, and wanted to see if anything happened. Hopefully this dream of hers is a sign of things to come.

So I thank him for breakfast and we start walking back to the bank. So as we are talking outside the bank, Melissa pops out,
"What's up guys?" she saays with a smile
and she pats me on my stomach. Ahh what a way to start my morning eh? A talk with the two bosses and having them sell themselves to me instead of the other way around. And top that of with my favorite gal coming out to check up on me and you can't beat that.

So at work, I give Mel her b-day gift. I put the Tiffany box in a clothes box so it wouldn't be obvious. So, she reads my card and opens the box when I'm not looking.

"Dave!" she says with surprise and shock in her voice when I see her open the J Crew box and she spots the Tiffany ribbon.
She just stands there with a shocked look on her face and a you shouldn't have look on her face.
"It's just something little" I say to try to wipe some of the guilt off her face.
"Tiffany's is not little" she replies softly.
So she comes up to me and gives me a huge hug. I just smile and say happy birthday.
Tammy was right, every girl loves Tiffany's

After work I get a haircut and head over with Jorge to Jackie's party. Where there are a ton of hotties.They consist of: A couple of Chargers girls, a few Gulls girls, and their friends. Needless to say, we were having a very good time. To top it all off, The Giants won Game 1! I had to rub it in my boss' face... is wife was all like,
"Wow! I never see you so animated at work! You must be a nocturnal person"
Yeah, that and I'm buzzed off the 10 beers I had. haha!

After watching the game, the 9 bed house, Chaz and a bunch of other heads roll up. Geo almost gets into a fight with some fool about the Raiders. Chaz was like,
"Dave, get ready to throw down"
I turn around and they were having a heated debate.
But the white guy backed down after seeing the Geo wasn't gonna back down.
"make your move! make your move!" he repeated to the Chiefs fan. Nothing happened.

So after the cops come and break up the party, we head to Melissa's party, where Mel ran up to me with another big ass hug.
"Thanks for the keychain!"
"you werent supposed to open it til midnight!"
"I couldn't wait! JP saw me open it"
Her dad and bro were there, so it was kinda weird partying with her family there. we all had a pretty good time though. JP's girlfriend was being very talkative with me. I wasn't sober enough to remember exactly what she said, but Geo noticed it too.
This morning, he was all, " that girl was JOCKIN you dude!"
JP's a cool guy, but I'd have to agree. She was paying alot of attention to me. She was a cutie too! Too bad...
Anyway, Melissa disappears and it turns out she overdid the alcohol and is not going downtown tonight. She didn't even make it past midnight! yeesh! So we eventually take off, after the party dies down, we say our goodbyes, and as I leave , her dad, Joe tells me, "Dave you take care of her ok?"
"You got it" I reply. So I guess I have dad's seal of approval eh?

Go Giants!!! We took game 1 baby!!! This is our year!

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