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Dave's Journal

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Monday, October 21st, 2002
3:17a - Priya
OK, a mixed bag tonight. I originally was going to hit up the Belly up tavern for salsa with Anna, but ended up flaking on her.
Priya calls me tonight for dinner and I offer to take her out afterwards to the Belly up. I actually was about to write her off bewfore she called, so hey I'll take this as a bonus.
So we get dinner in La Jolla , (La Jolla = $$) but anyway, we had dinner and some wine and ended up having a great time. After dinner we decide to head back to my place, where she plans on buggin my roommate Jorge by jumping on his bed because he called to tell me he's gonna hit the sack instead of salsa. So the night is turning out to be better than I thought.
So we head back to the pad where we watch a movie and let's just say we're probably looking at a short-term relationship ;)

damn Giants lost, but they made a game of it though, I'd thought the Angels were gonna blow us out, but we came back with a vengeance!

current mood: satisfied

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