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Monday, October 28th, 2002
8:23p - Vegas Baby!
Vegas was pretty fun, considering Jorge and Melissa flaked on me. Well Jorge had an excuse, he was broke, but Mel never even called me back...
In Vegas I lost all the cash I brought, of course, with no help from the fools that I played with. Let me give you an example: On my last day in Vegas I decide to hit the BJ tables for one last game. After a few hands I'm down 20 bucks and I get a pair of 7's against a dealer's 2. So strategy says, I split. I get a 3rd 7, so I split again. I double down on the 11 and the 9 that I get and end up having only $10 left after that crazy bet. So it goes down to this guy with a 13 vs dealer's 2... what do you do? Stay, right? No, he hit! and pulled an Ace. The dealer hit 3 times and guess what? a 21! off of a 2 up card? what are the odds? Sheesh, that pretty much represented how I did at the tables all weekend. On top of that... the Giants lost the World series in 2 two heartbreaking games, I don't want to elaborate on that.
Being solo in Vegas is a bit surreal. Here I am in Sin city, but with nobody to share the fun with. So I hit up a few clubs and get my groove on. Man having a VIP card in Vegas is gold... I got into all the restaurants in Mandalay front of the line, and the clubs too! I hit up Club Ra free of charge too!

I took Kristen out on Wednesday... We had dinner at a Thai place and checked out Michael Moore's new flick, Bowling for Columbine. She really liked it, which was good considering she's never seen his work. It seems that whenever I go out with her, we manage to have a good conversation. I enjoy hanging out with her, but wonder if it's mutual. I'm gonna try to hook her up with a teller job at my branch, she wants a side job part time while she's still in school. That'd be fun, working with her until I leave at least. Speaking of that... the other bank has an open position but it's 20 miles away from where I live, I told them that I'd only be interested if they offer me a senior position with corresponding pay. we'll see how that goes.

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