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Wednesday, October 30th, 2002
3:01a - maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the fact that I knew her...
Got Kristen an interview with my boss today. She got interviewed by my boss, the customer service manager (CSM) and a manager trainee. I showed up right as Kristen was leaving the parking lot. So I invite her to lunch and we talk about how it went. she sounded pretty optimistic about it.
The original plan was for me to go early and introduce her to the boss, but some fool called me at 7:45 am and hung up. I hate when I get my sleep interrupted, especially on a day that I get to sleep in! Anyway, at least I got there in time to catch Kristen.

So after lunch, I head over to work and see what they thought of Kristen.
First question out of my manager's mouth was, "Are you seeing her? " then " do you plan on seeing her?"and some BS about how we probably won't hire her for our branch because we already have someone that's qualified. Jamie asked me the same thing the day before. I told her that we were just good friends, but I don't think either of them believed me. So I don't know if she may have mentioned it to him or not, but I feel that it's unfair to not hire someone based on hunch that I may be seeing her...
Basicaly, she's great, but we're gonna stick her in the branch next door.
OK, I may be overreacting, but I don't ask for favors often, in this case, it was hardly a favor... Some of our tellers are straight up bad, seriously, I do not know how some of them get the jobs! Having someone like Kristen would help out the branch immensely, but no... they decide to take out their resentment of me out on Kristen... a bunch of haters I tell you....

Seriously, all I wanted was to have a friend in the branch. I'm not used to working somewhere that I don't have a single person that I can really talk to! So I'm a bit disappointed, to say the least, that they don't want her for our branch.

Jamie, the CSM, asked me, "I liked her, but she seems overqualified to be a teller, why does she want to work here?"
Sheesh, can't a person get a part time job?

Anyway I told Kristen the news. She seemed hesitant about working at a different branch, so we'll see.

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8:25p - Good news
Talk about quick. I applied for a couple of jobs last night at around 2:30 in the morning and I got a call back at 9:15am from one of the companies!

Dude woke my ass up. I must have sounded tired because he asked, "did I catch you at a bad time?" Heck no! anytime you can offer me a good job is a great time...

Sounds like a promising position, it's a financial planner position with commission. On top of that, another bank called back with an offer of a position similar to what I'm doing now, but with a base salary of $1700 a month?!!? Ouch. They say that the monthly bonuses more than make up for it, but I'm not one to go into a similar position with less pay. If I'm going to do commission based pay, I'm going into a straight commission job. Like the financial planner job.

The other bank I interviewed with has an opening but it's 20 miles away. That's a tough commute... but if the salary is good, I may take it. Wish me luck...

Halloween's tomorrow, what's everyone going to be?

My work is asking us all to dress up, so I got a disco guy outfit with a fro. Stylin! I had to carve a pumpkin, and it came out pretty decent, I must admit.

Called Gracie today... I think she don't like me. She never wants to talk anymore :)

Jackie talked to me today... one of the few times we get to talk. We were talkin bout Jamie's guy, then she asked,
"Dave, how bout you , are you seein anyone?"
"Nope, just doin my thing"
"not breakin any hearts this month huh?"
"more like getting my heart broken" (remember how Mel dissed me in Vegas?)
"not recently..." (trying to avoid goin into details)
"Well you let me know and I'll kick her ass for ya" she joked.
"I'll do that"

I like Jackie when she's friendly.

Speaking of Jamie, I tried to probe why she's refusing to hire Kristen at our branch.
The first answer out of her mouth was, "I don't want to hire someone that may be a hindrance to you"
I swear, she better be joking because, that's straight f-ed up.
And then my boss stepped in the room and she looked to him for help.
"yeah Dave we can't hire one of your crushes..."
So I tried to argue my point with jamie but she didn't want to hear it, citing the fact that Kristen may move in March as a primary factor. She doesnt want to invest all that training in someone that may leave in a few months.
Geez I hate those guys. The sooner I can get away from all this negativity the better.

So it's lookin doubtful that I'm gonna get to work with her...

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