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Wednesday, November 6th, 2002
4:40a - A speeding ticket, a random woman, a ride with strangers, and a dead parakeet.
OK that's my Saturday night in a nutshell. Here's the extended version... after driving up to Irvine to hang out with Jo & company. we all drive to a sushi place in Torrance where we meet up with the rest of the crew. 6 girls 4 guys (I love that ratio)
I meet Jo's friends, there was this one very attractive one, Maneeja of Afghan descent, I wouldn't have known had she not told me. I eventually find out that she has a boyfriend after she tells me,
"You can't hit on me, I have a boyfriend"
and from that point on we agreed to be friends.

So after dinner we head out to the Century Club in LA, but along the way, I get pulled over on the 405 at Westminster for going 85 in 65. Man, I can't believe my luck... At least the cop brought it down to an 80 in a 65. Anyway, that signaled the beginning of a long and wild night.

As soon as we got to the club, Alan got us all a round of Remy shots. I usually don't take shots but since he was buyin...
next up was Fred with a round of 151 shots. That was nasty... Then it was someone else with a round of Tequila shots, then I was coerced into buying a round of Remy shots. ($10 ea... total bill=$100 plus 15 tip) Ok that plus my beer, and I'm beginning to feel a buzz comin on. The last 3 rounds, the bartender actually hooked us up with double shots, which I will regret later. So we all split up after dancing a few songs, and I wander with them to meet some new folks who of course feel obligated to buy us another couple of rounds... You see where this is headed?

At this point I lose track of what else I drank that night... I do remember that me and Alan headed for the dance floor where 2 girls approached us to dance...
OK after a couple of minutes of chatting, I don't recall how or why but I start making out like mad with my girl... I think her name was Mona. At this point my memory is starting to become spotty. From what i heard, we were grindin, makin out and just being bad. Bad Dave! Bad! OK everyone that knows me knows that this is something that I don't do, random hookups aren't my bag, baby.
I think her roommate pulls her away after a while to go to the restroom and I think at this point I head outside for no particular reason. i neglect to get her phone number, I just headed outside...

I end up outside and the bouncers do not let me back in. So I hang out with this guy outside and I think we were picking up on random women. At this point I lose any recollection of the rest of that night... This is what I've managed to piece together.
Josie (from San Diego) saw me outside the club at 1:30am talking to group of people she's never seen before and was thinking , 'Is that Dave? ' she looked again and recognized my profile, so she ran up to me and hit me on the shoulder and said hi.
She told me all I did was look up at her with a blank stare and didn't even acknowledge her... She thought"whatever" and left to catch up with her crew that was leaving.

At this point they tell me that somehow, I joined up with a random crew and hung out with them for a while. Apparently, they didn't realize that they didn't know me, because I hopped into their car where they took me to a late night diner called Norm's. At this point, I think they figure out that they don't know me, so they check my caller ID where they see Jo's call and decide to call her back.
" Hi, we have your friend Dave here. We're at Norm's, could you pick him up?"

My car is still with the valet in the club. So they pay the valet $25 extra after telling him the story and my name and address to prove they knew me. So they get a sober friend to wake up, drive to the club to drive my car to pick me up, stalling a few times along the way, since he doesn't usually drive manual tranny.

So they take me to Minh's house in my car, where I yak all over my shirt, pants, and of course, inside my car. Great...

I wake up the next morning and find my stained shirt on the ground, dried puke on my pants and everyone asleep on any space available. At the other end of the room, next to Alan, I spot a birdcage with a wooden spoon next to it. I get up slowly to avoid getting more queasy... and look in the cage.
There's a dead parakeet lying face down at the bottom of the cage! The other one is alive and fine but someone must have killed that poor bird during our drunken stupor the night before! I feel bad for Minh's roommate since it's her bird and when she gets back from vacation, she has a bad surprise awaiting her.

So after a few hours of rest and one more trip to the toilet, I decide I'm good to go and I get my car detailed in Irvine. Crazy night, I tell ya.

Got two call backs from prospective employers on top of the inteview I had yesterday for a commission based life insurance salesman. The other bank called back, they want me to interview on Friday, and also the financial consulting firm called back with a 2nd interview for next Tuesday. i had taken a personality test after my first interview with the finance company on Thursday. Funny thing was, the manager that interviewed me looked really familiar to me. Turns out I helped him and his wife at my bank a few months back. small world.
So we talked for a bit. turns out he's a damn Angels fan, I know we're not going to get along now.
The personality test turns out to be 2 pages worth of words. The 1st had maybe 60-70 words that i check off if I think people at my work would use to describe me. Then the next section had the same words but check off the ones I would use to describe myself. Last section had word associations.
From that, he told me that I'm: Aggressive, Impatient, Sociable, and Independent. And on top of that, he tells me that those are 4 factors they like to see in their financial planners. I get to interview with his boss on Tuesday, so this will be interesting.

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