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Dave's Journal

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Friday, November 8th, 2002
9:12a - Interviews....
Gotta interview with that bank today, then an interview with a financial planning firm on Tuesday. Man, my suit is getting worn out! How bout an offer already? anyway, wish me luck

hung out with Mel last night, Went shopping with her... of all the silly things... I don't know what I'm doing with her. She knows there's something going on at least. On Halloween, me and Mel hit up the bar by work and we were both decked out in our costumes, Disco Dave and Ladybug Mel. People approached us left and right, more guys than girls of course. At one point, someone asked if she was my girlfriend, I looked to her and she explained,
"Dave's a good friend of mine, he moved in with me for 2 weeks when I first got down here... There's something between us, but it's unspoken..."
what the heck does that mean? Unspoken... as in non existent maybe? haha

Kristen flaked out on me for dinner last night, disappointing, but I figured it was coming since she's all busy with school... but if she were truly interested, she'd make time... I guess that answers my question with her.

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