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Thursday, November 14th, 2002
I wake up this morning to the sound of my phone ringing. As soon as I pick up, the person on the other line hung up. I swear, there's a freak stalking either me or Jorge. It's starting to get annoying. Actually since it cut into my sleep, I 'm getting mighty pissed. Turns out she called back twice when Jorge got home from work. He tried to *69 her but it didn't work. She must have some kind of block on her number. Jorge thinks it's an Asian lady, because he overheard some voices in the background. Since she's Asian, naturally he thinks she's stalkin me. Anyway we need to get that call screening crap because this is not cool. Sleep is important.

Talked to Anna finally, I haven't spoken to her in weeks. Turns out she's been out of town for weeks now and hasn't had a chance to call me back. You know what's trippy? Remember the time I said that I saw Anna with a shirt with a butterfly on it and then a few days later, I saw Kristen with the same shirt?
Well, I talked to Kristen a week ago, and she had taken a few days to get back to me. She told me the reason why she took so long to get back to me is that she hates calling people back when she can't dedicate a good block of time to talk to them.

So Anna said the exact same thing, she's like I've been so swamped, I hate calling people when I can't have a good conversation with them. Man it's like they're the same person. Ok I'm stretchin a little. But it's still trippy.

Still waiting on calls from the 2 interviews... I'd take the financial planning position if offered. The bank position would have to be a significant increase in pay from what I'm makin now in order for me to take it.

Felipe Alou as the new Giants manager? What the heck?Didn't this guy get fired from the expos?!? Why would we want a manager that got fired from the expos??? Man things are not looking too promising for next year...

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