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Friday, November 15th, 2002
4:12a - my very first subpoena!
remember the guy that I busted a couple of months back for trying to open a business account with fake ID? He had come in with ID that said he was 28 when he looked 3 years younger than me... Anyway, we called the cops, who conveniently happened to be right next door, finishing up a bank robbery call at the bank next door. So they take him away and that, I thought, was that.
So two nights ago, I get a ring from the gate, Is (David) there? It's the sheriff's dept... At this point I'm thinking, what the hell did I do now? Is this about the speeding ticket? So I let him in and he serves the subpoena. I put two and two together and remember the guy that I busted. So anyway, tomorrow was the court date, I called in today to check if I still had to come in, but thankfully, he pled guilty. So no court appearance for me.

New manager at work, the guy's kinda mackless. Dude's got a ponytail... I know I'm gonna catch crap from customers about that. Since we're in a relatively conservative upscale neighborhood... Honestly, I wouldn't blame them, what the hell were they thinking putting some mackless fool there? I'm just bitter that it all happened so fast and I didn't even get asked for the position. Man I truly have to get out of this place.

Did I mention the new mindless procedure the upper management want us to do now? They want us to toggle to netscape after opening an account and fill out nearly the same information on an online form. I wouldn't mind this if this additional info was on the existing program, but no! they decide to make us close out our current program, switch over to netscape, then fill out some mindless drivel and then they'll be happy.

I'm also pissed cuz I'm broke and I've been trying to earn side money as a notary, and I've tried to drum up some business at the bank for my services, but ponytail guy made me notarize something free. Said some crap about bad customer service. What a pendejo. Like I said, I gotta get outta this place. I need a call back people, someone call me back for a third interview. (how many interviews does it take to get hired anyways?)

Melissa:"I know Dave's social security number by heart. We're practically married!"
Argh, stop teasin me... This is torture. Hey wait, that is kinda cool, she knows my social by heart! It's not what you think... It's because she always opens accounts under my number.

Talked to Janna tonight, she brought up an interesting point. She was mentioning how if we each ever got married, that'd be the end of us, because she noticed that through my past few relationships, I never really called her on a regular basis. That's true... the girls that I were with thought it was annoying to have another girl in the relationship that I was close to or confiding in. This went for her as well, the only time she ever called me when she was involved was during times of distress or hardly ever otherwise. I guess that's true, married life really doesn't have much room for close friends of the opposite gender. I guess I can understand. Sucks to think of it that way though.

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