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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, November 17th, 2002
7:33p - ahh more drunken fun at PB bar and grill
OK, the original plan was... to have a gang load of us head out to the Grill tonite, but this is what actually happened. Jorge and Mike Lowrey got and early start to the drinking and before dinnertime already had finished a 20 pack. I had just gotten home from work at this point. So they decide to hit the jacuzzi and have a few cold ones there. Bad idea... the jacuzzi helped them get even more faded and by the time that we were supposed to leave, Jorge could barely stand without holding the wall, and Mike was pretty faded too, but on top of that, he was having issues with his gf. So I leave those two fools at home, and head out to the grill with Aerin.

The line there was not moving due to some drunken fools getting hauled away by the cops. By the time we got in... it was midnight. I had caled Mel to see if she was inside, and she called back just as I was finishing my first beer. She was pretty buzzed, along with her friend Sarah... too bad Mel's mackless bf was there running interference.
So when they first found us, they were without Andy, I wasn't too disappointed.
"we lost Andy" Mel said.
"Aww what a shame:"
Mel laughed to Sarah, "Dave doesn't like Andy."
Well no shit, I doubt he has much affection for me neither. He wasn't too happy when I moved in with Mel, now was he?

Man why do all my girls' boyfriends got to hate? If you can't handle your bitch that's your bad... don't try to hate just because y'all can't handle your shit. If you weren't so mackless, maybe your girl wouldn't be lookin around now would she?
Anyway, he found us and we all had drinks til last call.
I like Mel buzzed... she was all huggin on me in front of Andy, rubbin my hair, she liked how the fade came out. It's torture man...

I'd just seen Berny, my barber, earlier. That guy does pretty good, but not as good as my boy Rick back in SF. I always get my haircut by him whenever I'm in the City.

So we end the night at Ramiro's, gotta do the afterhours breakfast burrito run y'know?

We may have a new roommate. Mike's still trying to work out things with his lady. So I'm happy, since I could use any help I can get on rent. Vegas killed my bank account this month.

Speaking of money, the financial planning/consulting firm called back friday morning. They left me a message saying they want me to interview with a third group of people. But this time for 2 1/2 hours... What the hell am I supposed to talk about for 2 1/2 hours?? I swear I can BS for about an hour or so at best, but anything over that and I'm running the risk of them seeing right through my BS. Haha
Wish me luck, cuz I'm gonna need it this time.

At least they've shown enough interest to call me back for a 3rd interview though. That I am happy with. And the other bank made an offer, one that I'm probably going to turn down. They're offering 3 g's more than I'm making now, but the position is 20 miles away. That means a minimum of 30 minutes each way everyday. I don't want to be stuck in traffic for over an hour every single day.

2 crank calls today. I even had Barbara pick up one to throw them off, but they still friggin hung up. I don't know what the hell they want. freaks.

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