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Dave's Journal

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Sunday, November 24th, 2002
Party at the 9-bed last night. The only thing I hate about that place is that PB never has any parking. Soon as we get there, some girl walks by Mike with a man and straight told him 'You're cute'
Anyway this girl comes back 10 minutes later and asks him to make out.
He's like, 'nah, let's just chill here'
haha! that bastard turns down free sex. I swear to God.
Afterwards, he was like, "I'm picky, man"
She was pretty hot if I recall, but then again, I had a few drinks in me.

Some guy at the party kept rapping like he thought he was Eminem. Jorge called him '9 mile'. Anyway as soon as he met us, he starts rapping, I was trying not to laugh, and I think Jorge was doing the same. poor guy.
Chaz brought 9 mile along and didn't warn us about his rapping skillz.
Anyway he tried to start some crap with me because he saw me shove Aerin, so he was about to step up when Aerin was like, "I don't need your help, I know this guy"
Mike Lowrey was almost ready to sock that fool, 9 mile was getting on all of our nerves with his nonstop rapping. I tried to have a normal conversation with him, but he kept rapping to answer my questions. Dude was trippin.

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