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Dave's Journal

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Tuesday, November 26th, 2002
Remember how I was pissed at Mel not callin back Fri? Anyway, saturday night after the party, I called her and left a message,
"Yeah, you said you'd call me Fri to go out, but you didn't, so yeah... I'm never gonna call you again... ok bye"
Well she got the message the next day and was thinking, "was he serious? how mean!"
So, monday afternoon, I get a voice mail from her,
"hey , it's me, and I know you're never gonna talking to me again but i thought I'd weigh in and try it out, I hear you're on vacation all week , so I guess you're going home? I'm headed back wed and comin back on fri. so call me sometime and if i dont talk to you then happy thanksgiving."
So I call her back right before my interview with the financial planning firm and we grab a quick lunch. Turns out she passed out fri night, she was too tired to go out and ended up not calling.
so we catch up and she tells me about the 2 dates she had over the weekend. And I'm sitting here wondering, "why am I even chasing this girl!"
Anyway since we were on the subject of dating, I brought up one of my girls and she seemed not to like the idea of me seeing her. So maybe just maybe, she does want to keep me for herself eh?
So I took her home, we said our goodbyes where she seemed to stop for a beat before leaving. man, that girl has too many guys chasing her.

The interview was more like an introduction to the 2 main support guys there and I watched a video. Sounds like a great job, but I have yet to find out how much they want to pay me. So interview #4 is on the first week of december. I hope they pay well, this one sounds promising.

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