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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
9:42a - Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving was fun, I got to see family, friends, it was nice to be home. And I didn't stay past the point where I wished I was back in San Diego.
You know that point? Where you're just kinda over it? I try to avoid that feeling by not staying too long. San Jose was fun, I stayed over at Jorge's and we partied at the Agenda. There was a pretty good crowd. I saw Anna yesterday, she's from San Jose too, and she asked, " was it ghetto? I never club in san jose..."
It wasn't ghetto, it was pretty cool.

OK even though I got rejected by the financial planning firm, I'm still applying to other places. I just got a call back from a finance company that sounds good. Scary part about it is that after 12 months, it's 100% commission income.

current mood: hopeful

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