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Thursday, December 5th, 2002
Mike L decides to cook again tonite. His first time was last night and he made a decent dinner considering Jorge poured a ton of hot sauce on the chicken. Got to admit that the chicken was overseasoned today. I had to reach for an extra glass of water. tomorrow, I make dinner.
My sis is an extra in a Frou Frou music video. I want my 15 minutes of fame!
Mel made my stocking at work. We're having this secret santa thing, so everyone has to decorate their own stocking with their name. Realizing that I have the handwriting of a 2nd grader, Mel took pity upon me and offered to make mine. I'm a happy camper.
Guess what? the traffic ticket I got back in the beginning of November? I called the traffic court and they couldn't find it on their computers. So they tell me to mail them a copy of the ticket with a request for a 45 day extension. They lady tells me that they lost a few tickets in the beginning of November. So I just might be off the hook.
Speaking of luck, I went to Chipotle for lunch and was going to pick up Jamie a burrito too for the favor she did me last night (read below). Anyway I get there and there's a pretty long line, already a bad start to my lunch break. then when I get up there finally, they ran out of tsteak because the last guy bought 3 steak tacos. So I could get chicken or wait for steak. I was craving steak and Jamie had told me to order a steak, so I opted to wait. OK even worst start to my lunch break. So finally, the steak is prepared and I get my burritos. I get up to the cashier and the girl was like,
"Don't worry about paying, you had to wait, so it's ok"
OK my day is improving. I get 2 free burritos! This is good for a broke ass like me. Soon to be broker after my Xmas shopping.
Mike L told me he was going to hook me up with a girl from his work. She came over before I got home and had a beer with him. He tells me she's cute and is receptive to the idea. Hey honestly, I am in a drought these past couple of months, I haven't met any new girls and no one I know is coming through, so I need to get out more. On that tip, I spotted a new girl at work that may want to work at my branch... prospect? who knows? we'll see if we hire her.

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