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Dave's Journal

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Wednesday, December 11th, 2002
2:46a - Chipotle!
2:00 pm I head over to Chipotle to pick up some burritos for me and Mel in my car. But right after I get out of the car I realized my pockets were a little light. I'd left my wallet a work Right when I turn back i notice this girl talking into her headset but didn't make much of it as I walked to my car , where I realize that Mel gave me a few dollars and with what cash I had, I could afford lunch.
So, back to Chipotle I go. In line, I notice the girl in front of me was the same one that was outside on her cel phone. She looked back so I smiled and said hi. She looked back again and and asked, " Do you know if the food here is spicy?"
I was caught a little off guard, wasn't expecting a food question. So I'm like " ...yeah I think their carne asada is a bit spicy, but other than that no"
"I know they have one up in LA that's spicy" she explains.
So I strike up a conversation with her and after looking at her up close, I realize I know her from somewhere. I find out that she used to be roommates with Kristy, someone I met when I first got to UCSD but I lost touch with her.
Anyway, I ask what she's doing after finals and she tells me that she's headed downtown with some friends Friday.
She asks if Kristy still has my number,
"Nope, I've moved"
So she asks the cashier for a pen to jot down my number. We exchanged numbers and went our own ways... Will she call to go out Friday? who knows... She did strike up that conversation after all... but could've been small talk, but with women, small talk is never just small talk... or is it? haha

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