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Dave's Journal

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Thursday, December 12th, 2002
When did I stop looking forward to my birthday? Probably at 22... After 21, really it's all downhill from there eh? More reason to go out and forget it's my birthday Saturday.

I dropped off little sacks of chocolate for everyone's stocking at work. I'm not supposed to give everyone candy, since it's a secret santa thing, but I bought a huge box of chocolate at Ghiradelli and ended up with 35 baggies of chocolate. So, not only does my secret santa get a baggie, so does everyone else!
Mike L was like, "you're gonna give all that away?!? Keep it, we can give it to the honeys!"
His coworker, for one, likes the chocolate. She visited the pad one day after dropping ML off, so to be hospitable, he offered her some out of my big crate. Anyway, the point of that was, he suggested hooking us up. She seemed receptive to the idea, he said.
So today, after he got dropped off by her, he invited her in to meet me, but she declined, saying she was dirty. Oh well, another time maybe...
He thinks she's cute, so I'm looking forward to meeting this mystery gal...
So after I dropped the sacks of chocolate, I check my stocking, since Mel got me for Secret Santa. I found this out on the first day my stocking was filled. I looked in there to find chocolate, which of course I offer to Mel and others, Mel was like, "What a thoughtful Secret Santa!"
The tone of voice was definitely fishy so I prod and she ended up telling me that she traded away for me. :) awww *blush*
So anyway she tells me the original plan was to surprise me on the last day, but oh well there goes that idea.

My dentist says that one of my wisdom teeth is growing crooked, applying pressure to the adjacent tooth. So guess what, I need to get it pulled, of course if one is bad, they need to pull the top one too, which means, double the pleasure! yeah! Did i mention that I have a crush on my dental hygienist? She's beautiful, but she's married. sigh
Turns out she's 30 too. Some topic came up and she mentioned that she was 21 ... almost ten years ago.
I was like, "now I know how old you are!"
She's like," how old are you?"
"almost 25"
"you're young"
I didnt know what to say to that... you're old? haha ... no
anyway, maybe shes looking for a young guy to have a mad affair with!
We'll continue this story at my next cleaning in January.

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