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Dave's Journal

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Saturday, December 14th, 2002
A little hung over right now. Mel bought us free drinks all night last night at Moondoggies. THey even sent over a free blowjob for me.urghhhh I feel not good... But i gotta go to work soon. I'm 25, can you believe it? How time flies...
Anna saw me at work yesterday. She couldnt believe I was turning 25 either. She's all, "youre old!"

Hung out with Mel and Mike L last night.
Mel was like, I gotta tell you a funny story.
theres this new guy in her life also named David, right? And she's been talking to Sarah about him . For at least a few weeks to a month now, shes been telling her how he chases her, etc.
Finally, last night, Sarah's like," I'm surprised nothing has happened before, since you guys have been working together and all.
Mel's like, " wait no, what do you mrean"
Sarah says." Dave right? the guy I've met?" meaning me.
Mel's all," no not Dave, I mean a new guy I met at work!"
So all this time, Sara has been thinking that Mel meant me.
Last night was great, Mel was drunk, I was drunk, night started out great. until the other Dave shows up. He bought us drinks and all, but dude, I just get all protective with Mel.
She's likie, "you dont like him do you?"
"I dont like any guy that likes you, mel..."
She laughs and gives me a big ass hug.
You know, hugs and kisses are great and all, but at the end of the night, who does she go home with. The other Dave.
So yeah that was the only damper to my evening. Other than that , Mel and Mike L sang me happy birthday, got free drinks and got trashed...
ML thinks I gotta stop chasin. I pay too much attention to her. You know what? that's frickin true... I should, if I can keep it up...

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