Dave (dave01) wrote,

Life with Melissa

Living with Melissa isn't as easy as I thought.
I've been living at her place for a week now and already, rumors are flying. A couple of girls at work hd come up to me on separate occasions and asked about my living situation.
1st, Jamie was like, I heard you found a place to live. I was a little surprised considering I hadn't mentioned this to anyone. But she had talked to Melissa and it had come up, I guess...
Then another teller asked me a few days later, are you living with Melissa in her room for the rest of the year? How it got all twisted around like that, I have no idea, but it's funny when word gets back to me.
"No, I'm staying with her for just 2 weeks"
In her room? where did thta come from?

But living with her isn't easy... She got pissed at me one night, we had been drinking a bit, and I apparently overstayed my welcome with her... Anyway, I wasn't sober and she thought i was very obnoxious for keeping her up late.
I really didn't think I was rude, but the next morning, she let me have it.
"You really bothered me last night...I think you're very obnoxious for ..." the gist of it was, I was not sober, and I pissed her off.
"It's only been 2 days you've been living with me, but I don't think I can take 2 weeks of living with you and working with you"

But you know me, how can anyone stay mad at me?
That morning at work, I picked her up her favorite snack bar and an Odwalla, and first thing I did when I got to work was drop that off at her desk... that got a little smile from her as she was talking to a customer. So I took it easy wih her the rest of the day, trying not to talk to her too much. That night was uncomfortable. She cooped herself in her room mot of the night.
Next day was funny... I hear a knock on my door 1st thing in the morning. It was Melissa... her car had been towed in the middle of the night! I felt so bad!

It had been towed because she was parked in resident parking, but she has a garage, so she doesn't have a permit! The garage of course, is occupied my Me and Geo's junk! So I drive her to the tow lot and pay her $156 tow charge. That improved her mood a little bit. We showed up to work an hour and a half late and everyone heard about the towing incident. Melissa told me that the first thing everyone asked her was, "did he pay for your fee?"

So that night, we go to Ralph's for some grocery shopping, and I think things got a lot better that night.

Living with her, I realize how many men this girl has on her jock. She broke down a few of them for me, there's the sugar daddy, the old one, the perfect one that lives up north, the current one sees seeing, and you get the picture. So much competition! I'd only be one of her many mens.

So she took off last Thursday to go home, see her friends, and her man. It's a good thing too because after her getting mad at me, I felt awkward around her, like I have to be on my toes now so I don't get booted.

But Sunday rolls along, I ask her how the trip was, because I've been in her shoes. I've been homesick and then take a trip home only to realize, Is this it? Is this why I'm all crazy for this??? Then you come to a point where you realize home isn't all that. I had warned her of that before she left and she thinks that it'll be good because she's really missing home.

So today she comes back and admits that I was right. she went home and things weren't as perfect as she'd hoped and she honestly had enough of it. She said that as she was there she came to realize that she has a new home here and started missing San Diego. She said that it was food that she went home this early, because it gave her a reality check and helped her to realize that hey, this is going to be her new home for at least the next 3 years of her life, she might as well get out there and start socializing.
"How can I not love it here? It's beautiful and eople here have been nothing but nice to me"
Then the subject of me moving out next week comes up...
"It's going to be weird having a new roommate come in, it's already like YOU'RE my roommate."
I'm all," well feel free to visit my new place anytime"
"I was gonna offer to help you guys move until you told me about moving up 3 flights of stairs..."

So she's glad to be back in SD, and rethinking her situation with her current man. Both good things, because 1. she associates me with SD, and 2. she needs to ditch this guy.
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