Dave (dave01) wrote,

Visited work today to pick up some important documents and to see if Melissa had lunch yet. Turns out that since she's not scheduled much this week, she's gonna drive home for a few days again! Man, this was not what I'd envisioned when I first moved in here.

I drove to Temecula today to check out the only Nissan 350Z available to view in the San Diego area.
I find out that Temecula is a good 1 hour drive from where I am. Hell, i have the day off, what the f- else am I gonna do? Along the drive, Janna called.

we talk a bit about her man troubles... I swear, she always chases the wrong ones. But hey live and learn, right? So before I know it, I'm in Temecula.
I roll up to the dealership, and there it is, a brand spankin new black 2003 350Z sittin in the window. So I climb in and check it out.
It's a great car for the money, where else are you gonna find 280 horses for under 27 G's? Anyway, after sitting in it and drooling over it, I take off to a Mercedes dealership to check out Melissa's future whip, the C-class. Grab her a brochure and head home.
¥ emailed me, gave me a hypothetical situation about moving in with me. That would most definitely cramp my current lifestyle. Living with the boys and partying every night. I must admit that when we have girls with us, it changes the evening.
The bachelor pad would be no more.

Christine left me a strange message today. She had asked me about seeing a movie today, I had given her a maybe and we left it at that, so I thought.
So I get a voicemail later on because I was on the phone..." great, now your phone's off, we're goin to see the bourne identity, screw you"
Ok that came from nowhere...
I've been unintentionally managing to piss off a couple of people this week. Maybe I should just avoid any type of social contact for the rest of this month?

Saturday's the big move to the new 2 bed... looking forward to it, but I gotta admit I'll miss living with Mel.
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