Dave (dave01) wrote,


I'm all moved out of Melissas place. Kinda glad to have a home, but no more Mel.
After work, we stopped by McD's, where she bought me lunch since it's our 'last' day together.
"It feels like we're breaking up, I've had enough break-ups for the week" referring to her recent breakup with her man.
"Now that you're gone, who's gonna take care of me?" she joked

So Melissa and me have a song according to her last night. As a bunch of us were driving to a party, she says,
"Dave, put on our song"
"You guys have a song?" someone asks
I had no idea which song she was talking about, I remembered that she'd mentioned that she liked a song I had playing on our drive home. It was Screaming Infidelities-Dashboard Confessional
I had said earlier "The main reason why I have this song is for the part where he yells, 'Your hair...is everywhere...screaming infidelities...making me aware'"
"That's my favorite part too!" She laughs
anyway I had a hunch it was either that or Amber, because that's another song we have in common.

So I put on Amber by 311 and yep, I passed the test. She was all happy that I picked the right one.
Man a great song suddenly got better eh? I love when I can associate a song with someone or a place...
So at the party, I was sitting chilling with Jorge and some other folks we'd just met, and Mel was off socializing, when she comes over and sits on my lap, I wish I could place more significance on that, but I won't.

I had cooked her dinner on my last night there, Some broccoli with chicken in teriyaki sauce. and she was pretty stoked about it.
" I have a new favorite dinner!!" She said.
hehe the stomach's a great way into a girl's heart right?

Right now, I'm trying to unpack... We have a lot of boxes to get through. Moving sucks!
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