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Don't want to jinx this... but I've met someone really cool. Intelligent, educated, well-spoken,. attractive, and just plain cool. We went to see Lost in Translation tonight. She really dug it, but it was overhyped for me.. Everyone was saying how they loved it. I liked it, but didn't love it. She actually shed a tear or two at the end... How cute!
Headed to Rock Bottom afterwards for some food & brew.

But... she's a vegetarian... I think I can live with that...

another but... You knew it was too good to be true eh? We talked about relationships, and she was saying how she doesn't know if she wants to get into a relationship anytime soon. ouch... So I was like so what is this, referring to us, she said I like you don't you just want to be friends? That way there's no pressure. (or something to that extent)
My heart just sank at that point. But deeper into the conversation, she mentioned that she' hasn't dated a younger guy in years.
I asked her what she meant... had there been a younger guy before me?
She gestures at me, and says, " I mean us, right now"
"So all of a sudden I count?" I laugh.
I guess it was a date after all.

I may have had one beer too many, because at the end of our night, I actually told her, "you know what? I really like you"
Talk about putting myself out there...
She seemed happy with me though, she even gave me a ride in her nice convertible to my car.
Anyway, hope she changes her mind on the relationship thing, and let's see if Dave can pull off a next date?
Is that asking too much from me?
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