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Lowry and his girl... and Jorge munchin away...


whose foot is that?

are those for real?

how many times were the cops here???

dancing machine!

he's OK

Gary what is it?



fun at someone's expense

someone's partied out

Friday night I saw Kill Bill, pretty cool movie. Think Reservoir dogs with martial arts and blades... even Patty, who hates violence, kinda enjoyed the movie. Definitely worth checking out.

Andy's b-day party on Sat, poor Tsoi got wasted... That boy can usually hold his liquor, but it was his birthday and we encouraged him to overindulge... he lasted pretty long too, until 1 am I think...

Patty had warned us of the mean neighbors, and we got a taste of it. Cops came 4 times and weren't too happy with us, but luckily they didn't come a 5th time, because they promised to make some arrests if they did.

Good times for all. Starr had trouble holding her liquor down too, so she went home early... Quite a few drop outs saturday night...

Jorge ended up going to Alix's party at On Broadway that night, not many showed up there though, so I didn't miss out. Besides, I would've missed all the action!
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