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My 'weak'

I'm getting flooring done this week and aready things are not going as planned. Not spiralling out of control yet, but not good either. It started with Home Depot delivering the Laminate,tiles, grout , etc. all saran wrapped on a wooden pallet with a forklift. The delivery guy then tells me that they only do 'curbside delivery'. I'm at the place by myself, in wy work clothes and not ready to carry a ton of flooring supplies up 2 stories. But the guy called the store and they said 'we can't have him taking your flooring in due to liability' or some BS, OK home depot, I'm looking behind the curtain and it doesn't look good. So I grab some morning coffee and a sandwich for energy, head back to the half-empty condo (they're moving out this week), rolled up my sleeves and proceeded to break the pallet down. Tiles are a lot heavier than they look, luckily there were only a few boxes of those (maybe 7 or 8) so I started with that. Feel the burn!
Anyway after that I took a break and brought up the remainder of the wood flooring (20 boxes). all in all, it took me 3 hours and a whole lot of sweat. My calves and arms were killing me the next day.

So the installers came yesterday to start the work. Guess what? Later that evening, they tell me that they cracked the supply line to my toilet after moving it to do the tiles. Of course, they blamed it on the pipe itself, saying that it was old and they crack due to age. As if he had nothing to do with it. So I had to call HD and ask them if they could replace the damn thing. I was talking in a very nice tone of voice, trying to be reasonable, but that got me nowhere, so I took Jorge's tip and argued with them. Finally, after threatening to call off the whole deal, they finally gave in and said that they'd send a plumber out on Monday...
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