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Pics from DC

On the Metro in DC

Amel Larrieux- remember her? she was the lead singer of Groove Theory! Man, where were you when that song came out?

club Dream

Part 1 of the trip, Washington DC, did not disappoint. As soon as I arrived in DC, Tammy took me to this great little italian place called Al Tiramisu. Good food, and popular place it seemed. gotta be good when there were all these celeb photo's up on the wall.
Afterwards, we head to a huge club called Dream. The line was too long for the 25 degree weather. I wasn't too sure what too expect judging from the crowd outside, but as soon as we got inside, it was a pretty swanky place. Plasmas everywhere and a huge aquarium in the front.
Tammy had mentioned that there'd be a R&B songstress live that night, so we head up to the middle level of the club to see who was performing, and it turned out to be the lead singer of Groove Theory! Remember that song? Tell me?
Anyway, it was all over KMEL back in my high school days. So that was worth the price of admission alone! What a weird coincidence, to time our visit with one of the few times she ever performs live, and in DC of all places! Anyway, DC was cold, but Day 1 was most definitely fun.
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