Dave (dave01) wrote,


Next Chapter...
Things are changing, and I'm just trying to keep from falling off.
Jorge is moving away this month, meaning no more roommate. Who the heck will I go to Vegas with now? To cafe Sevilla with?
Man, I'm going through a real life version of the finale of Friends. Melissa's moving back to OC in the summer. Andy and Nic B are moving back to Nor Cal...My circle of friends is getting smaller and smaller, and working in a 2 person office isn't the most ideal setting to meet new friends.
who am I going to drink in PB and Rock Bottom with???

So I'm going to stay in san Diego... dunno what's going to happen, I'm worried, excited, sad, happy, all at once.

So on top of all this, my car got seriously damaged on 5/5.
I was walking to my car after a night in PB, I was parked in front of a friend's house... when I notice a Honda with the bumper lying on the road in front of it, totally detached.
"man that car got messed up" I was thinking... Hope they left a note. And yep, I looked on the windshield and there was a note, thought nothing of it, walked past 2 more cars and reached my car. I unlock the door and pulled on the handle... nothing. door won't budge. I look down and there is a 7 inch deep 10 inch high gouge that travelled from my rear fender, through the door, ending at the front fender.

So I get in through the passenger side and crawl to my seat. Drive home slowly in case the alignment's off.
Turns out the lady that hit me was on meds for her anxiety attacks and apparently dozed off. I would assume alcohol had a part to play, but don't know til the police report is done. Bottom line...
car's jacked up, have to drive a rental for the next couple of weeks... :'(
Towed the Z to the body shop last Fri. will get the estimate today.
wish me luck
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