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A violent side?

Hmm so it seems that Angie has had her fair share of fights in her lifetime... she's taken on more than one boy in her teens and from what she tells me, the boys got pretty messed up... Once was in co-ed hockey, where she threw down and broke some guy's nose, and another time was sticking up for her little sis, where she knocked a 16 year old guy to the ground! Yes she was older by a year, but keep in mind she's really not that big.

I am going to make sure I never piss her off...

So I email her a top 10 list of why she should move to SD, and she emails me back with a list of why I need to move to Wichita... Here are some highlights:

10. We are directly in the middle of the country. Easy flights to either coast, Canada and Mexico. We are the Air Capital and every major airline is based here. Even McConnell Air Force Base is the largest air base in the U.S.

9. Ling Ling does not live here. Imagine if that panda ever got loose. She is probably so pissed at being cooped up, forced to mate and gawked at by thousands of people that she will go on a killing spree. And we are trying to PROLONG your life, remember? Not end it so abruptly by an angry panda.

8. We have snow. Which is the coolest thing since sliced white bread. We also have 4 seasons. Which means 4 different wardrobes of ultra cute clothes for me. You will get to experience just how hot I look in a turtle-neck, and come to understand why there are so many babies born in August and September.

7. Wichita has the best food. And that means alot coming from me. Besides the fact that I don't cook, I have lived all over the U.S. and Europe, and have not experienced such great overall quality in food. Plus there are a lot of fat people here, which is a testament unto itself. (and you'll always appreciate my being thin, and I won't have to worry about your wandering eye with all the chubby ones around)

6. There is only one really hip, cool nite club here. And I am already the queen of it. Which means, free drinks, no waiting in line, and no cover charge. Plus everyone will think you must be some awesome up and coming model/rock star since you're with me. (ok, that was a little conceited) Every man will want to be you and every woman will want to have you. You will be a novelty.

hopefully I don't get beat up for posting half of them...

My right eye has been doing an involuntary twitch for the past 3 days, this doesn't seem right.

I need a new cell phone, but still don't know what kind I'm getting. I'd love aVertuphone but don't have the dough... a phone that costs as much as a new car, what a concept. Anyone wanna buy me an early Xmas gift, feel free.
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