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guess who this is?

That's Angie in a Prada ad from her modeling days. It was shot at a parking lot in the Four Seasons Miami.

So this was a crazy weekend to say the least... It all started innocently enough on Friday. I went bar hopping with Connie in the Gaslamp, so we were a little toasty by the end of the night. So when I got home, I had some issues with getting past the front door. I literally spent 10 minutes trying to jam my dang car key into the key hole... Poor Sunshine, I think I woke her up with all the jingling at this point, and she woke up in time to see me head down to my car to find my house keys. So i finally got the right keys and made it into bed...

So saturday night, we all head to Pacific Beach to hit up some bars. Sunshine and her boyfriend Rana came out too. So the first bar, Guava Beach was pretty chill, so we had a few there, and headed to Typhoon Saloon. That's where we got in line, and... this is key... Angie called me around 1Am, 3AM her time. So we talked about her night, and how there was some fool with a firearm at the club, so her night was full of fun and excitement. So maybe I felt a subconscious desire to outdo her night? ;)

So the call was key because we talked long enough for everyone to get into the bar, but when I was done with the phone, turns out they weren't letting any more people in. So I had to leave and come back with a plan to get in. So I managed to sneak in and found everyone. In effect that limited my beer intake for the night... a good thing. After Typhoon, we head to Ramiro's for a breakfast burrito. That's where Aerin decides that we should go to Mexico. Keep in mind it's 2:30 AM... So I agree, and we head south. But 10 miles from the border, I get lit up by the cops and I think, "S*** I'm screwed"

The cop pulls up and tells me to get out. He ran a few sobriety tests on me and I think I did well on most of them, but when he pulled out the breathalyzer, I refused to take it and he said it was OK, but he has to take me downtown. So I get cuffed and stuck in the back of the cop car. Aerin was too drunk to drive, so they drop his ass off at Denny's to catch a cab. Anyway, the point of me refusing the breathalyzer was that although I only had a few drinks, I may not have been under .08, so I figured the more time I ive my body to process the alcohol, the better. to be continued...
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