Dave (dave01) wrote,

sigh- roommate searching blows

Here's an example of a roommate email. and I quote here"

My name is *****, I'm currently overseas and will be back in the US on March 1, first in Miami for a day or two then to move on to San Diego.

Your place sounds just like what I'm looking for but please allow a few days for me to look, I just joined roomates.com.

One thing that would help me figure out how well you and I would get along is if you'd give me your birthday so that I can take a look at your natal chart. Astrology is a hobby of mine. If you are concerned about giving information like that to strangers I understand, but please note that if we were to live in the same house I'd most likely know what day, year, and month you were born in :)

You won't have much trouble with me, I'll either be working, sleeping, or smiling most of the time :D

I graduated master of science in organizational psychology, though am currently working privately with a partner."
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