Dave (dave01) wrote,

merry christmas!

Man it's been a while...
In SF for the holidays, then it's off to Vegas for the New Year!
The holidays are upon us, and it's time to do the obligatory family get togethers and gift exchanges. For us single folk, it's also a constant reminder of how single we are. Man, doing my last minute shopping, there were couples left and right doing their little PDAs. Apparently the holidays are also good for our libidos.
Cold weather + bored couples = lot's of september babies!
Depressing, I swear... Not that I can complain... Newport Beach Jenni, the last girl I was dating, stopped seeing me because... she wanted to get serious and knew that I didn't, so we should just be friends. All this in an email to boot. She read me correctly though,. I don't know what I want right now. Maybe it's just gonna take the right girl...

That email thing, I swear it's karma coming back to me, I remember the one time in college that I sent a dear Jane email...
So that's a lesson learned from me to you.

Been a great year though, looking back... It didn't seem that way as it was happening, but I guess I just need to recognize and appreciate things more as they happen to me. I guess we're all a bit guilty of that sometimes. But hey! that's what the end of the year is for right? Reflection !

Business picked up quite a bit, although it never feels that way while it's happening.

Met some great people, both personally and through work.

I can only hope 2006 will top 2005.
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