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Dave's Journal

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Thursday, February 12th, 2004
11:22 pm - SD to DC to NY and back in 4 days?
Can it be done while still having a blast? If anyone's up to it, it's me...
I'll post pics when I get back.

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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
3:45 am
In December, I went to Tempe, Las Vegas , and San Francisco.
I just realized that.
I have pics, but am too lazy right now to dig through my pile of junk to get my camera, and then navigate my self over more junk on my floor to get back to my computer. So as soon as I get my room back together, you'll see some pics.

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3:21 am - Uck
They're redoing the pipes in my place and my room is mess.
Apparently, the original pipes were polybutylene and that's no good. Thanks for telling me this after I moved in. So they have to cut holes in my wall and replace all the pipes with copper ones. Why they didn't use copper in the first place is beyond me. Economics probably was the main factor. Anyway, these guys leave dirt marks on my carpet, tons of bits and pieces of drywall all over my bathroom and they've been at it for 3 weeks now. I'm not a happy camper...
I just want them out so I can start the process of cleaning up and moving my stuff back into my closet, etc, etc.

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Monday, December 15th, 2003
2:14 am - Vegas Birthday
Headed to Vegas for my birthday this weekend. I flew there from Arizona (business trip), so I haven't been home for almost 10 days! I'm so glad to be able to sleep in my own bed! My roommate in AZ snored up a storm! To be fair, he did warn me, but I didn't realize how loud he was! at one point I almost wanted to go into the living room and sleep out there! But I was too tired. So they tell me that this will be the last trip that I bunk with a roomie. From here on out, it's solo rooms! yeah!
By the way, did you know that AZ doesn't use daylight savings? I lost an hour going there! Not fun.

After a week's worth of info and training, it's off to Vegas!

At Vegas, I meet up with Jamie and her crew.
I was talking to one of them for a little while, her name was Ellen, she was brunette, maybe 5'2", and very cute.
Turns out that she was with her boyfriend this trip... I hadn't even realized this until I asked...
You know how you can tell with some couples right off the bat? Usually the PDAs give it away. But with them, I didn't catch anything so I thought that they were friends. hehe...

Friday night, Andy and Eric meet us at the Hilton, where we were gambling. I think all of us were up that night in terms of gambling, but not for long!
My sister and her 4 friends show up late friday night too, but they end up somewhere else.
Saturday, JP and his girl Melissa joined us. By this point most of us have lost our winnings and are either even or down...

So Saturday night, 11 of us hit up the Rumjungle, and if you haven't been, you should go... But in the club, they have these large glass rectangles that have water running down the length of them throughout the room.
At one point during the night, we get tired and sit up on the ledge next to the waterfall and I ended up leaning back and thinking, boy that's cold... My back was wet for the rest of the night.
We did meet some teachers from Vegas that night. The one that caught my attention was petite, dark, short hair and was with her teacher friends. After a while, I saw an opportunity to introduce myself, her name was Angie and she teaches a special needs class. Unfortunately, Andy and Eric were not up to the task of playing wingman and it wouldn't have mattered anyway because she has a boyfriend in another state.
Andy gave the excuse that he needed more drinks to talk to Angie's friends. Angie was definitely the prettiest in her crew, so I can't blame him, but I do vaguely recall him saying that he'd be my wingman, no matter who it was, hehe.
Anyway, I don't remember if it was Christine or Melissa that brought this up today, but she mentioned that petite brunettes must be my type. I'm inclined to agree.

-A little excitement today. Andy and I were at the video poker machines (all we could afford after the unkind Roulette and Blackjack tables) when he realized that he didn't have his wallet on him. after a bit of searching, we give up and head to security, where his wallet was waiting for him! Siomeone had turned it in right after he dropped it by the slots! Luckily, he didn't have any cash in it... After all, we lost alot on the tables.

I ended up losing a few hundred, but all in all, it was a good trip. Not one of my best ones, but very fun.

current mood: tired

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Tuesday, November 25th, 2003
12:09 am
still here...
Work's been crazy, a lot to do... They say the first 2-3 years are all about building your book, then if you make it past that, it's cruise control from there. I have pics to post, hopefully soon.

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Sunday, October 26th, 2003
6:02 pm - Weak!
To top things off, now my city's on fire.
Seriously, what a crappy week. The brush fires are actually not too far from my office, but I'm not worried too much, there's not much vegetation between the fire and my office. Still the ashes and the stink of the fire are something we're going to live with for the next few days. Not looking forward to it.

Yes I still need to pack and I'm moving on Friday. Another great week in the making.

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1:06 am - My 'weak'
I'm getting flooring done this week and aready things are not going as planned. Not spiralling out of control yet, but not good either. It started with Home Depot delivering the Laminate,tiles, grout , etc. all saran wrapped on a wooden pallet with a forklift. The delivery guy then tells me that they only do 'curbside delivery'. I'm at the place by myself, in wy work clothes and not ready to carry a ton of flooring supplies up 2 stories. But the guy called the store and they said 'we can't have him taking your flooring in due to liability' or some BS, OK home depot, I'm looking behind the curtain and it doesn't look good. So I grab some morning coffee and a sandwich for energy, head back to the half-empty condo (they're moving out this week), rolled up my sleeves and proceeded to break the pallet down. Tiles are a lot heavier than they look, luckily there were only a few boxes of those (maybe 7 or 8) so I started with that. Feel the burn!
Anyway after that I took a break and brought up the remainder of the wood flooring (20 boxes). all in all, it took me 3 hours and a whole lot of sweat. My calves and arms were killing me the next day.

So the installers came yesterday to start the work. Guess what? Later that evening, they tell me that they cracked the supply line to my toilet after moving it to do the tiles. Of course, they blamed it on the pipe itself, saying that it was old and they crack due to age. As if he had nothing to do with it. So I had to call HD and ask them if they could replace the damn thing. I was talking in a very nice tone of voice, trying to be reasonable, but that got me nowhere, so I took Jorge's tip and argued with them. Finally, after threatening to call off the whole deal, they finally gave in and said that they'd send a plumber out on Monday...

current mood: aggravated

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
1:01 am
I dig this song.

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12:27 am

Lowry and his girl... and Jorge munchin away...


whose foot is that?

are those for real?

how many times were the cops here???

dancing machine!

he's OK

Gary what is it?



fun at someone's expense

someone's partied out

Friday night I saw Kill Bill, pretty cool movie. Think Reservoir dogs with martial arts and blades... even Patty, who hates violence, kinda enjoyed the movie. Definitely worth checking out.

Andy's b-day party on Sat, poor Tsoi got wasted... That boy can usually hold his liquor, but it was his birthday and we encouraged him to overindulge... he lasted pretty long too, until 1 am I think...

Patty had warned us of the mean neighbors, and we got a taste of it. Cops came 4 times and weren't too happy with us, but luckily they didn't come a 5th time, because they promised to make some arrests if they did.

Good times for all. Starr had trouble holding her liquor down too, so she went home early... Quite a few drop outs saturday night...

Jorge ended up going to Alix's party at On Broadway that night, not many showed up there though, so I didn't miss out. Besides, I would've missed all the action!

current mood: groggy

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Saturday, October 4th, 2003
12:42 am - Lisa
Don't want to jinx this... but I've met someone really cool. Intelligent, educated, well-spoken,. attractive, and just plain cool. We went to see Lost in Translation tonight. She really dug it, but it was overhyped for me.. Everyone was saying how they loved it. I liked it, but didn't love it. She actually shed a tear or two at the end... How cute!
Headed to Rock Bottom afterwards for some food & brew.

But... she's a vegetarian... I think I can live with that...

another but... You knew it was too good to be true eh? We talked about relationships, and she was saying how she doesn't know if she wants to get into a relationship anytime soon. ouch... So I was like so what is this, referring to us, she said I like you don't you just want to be friends? That way there's no pressure. (or something to that extent)
My heart just sank at that point. But deeper into the conversation, she mentioned that she' hasn't dated a younger guy in years.
I asked her what she meant... had there been a younger guy before me?
She gestures at me, and says, " I mean us, right now"
"So all of a sudden I count?" I laugh.
I guess it was a date after all.

I may have had one beer too many, because at the end of our night, I actually told her, "you know what? I really like you"
Talk about putting myself out there...
She seemed happy with me though, she even gave me a ride in her nice convertible to my car.
Anyway, hope she changes her mind on the relationship thing, and let's see if Dave can pull off a next date?
Is that asking too much from me?

current mood: hopeful

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
1:21 am - The next step
I just got my office today!
Let me explain. I've been working out of my mentor's office and pretty much at my client's homes up til now. I would open their accounts when I got home to my laptop or at my mentor's office. It kinda sucked not being able to give an address away and say, yes I'm going to be there for the next few years.Instead I had to hem and haw and explain that my office is still being built, etc etc. But now, you are looking at the proud owner of one 900 sq ft office, complete with fancy furniture, a lobby area with a receptionist's workstation, some cool equipment and new paint!
The only thing it's missing is a receptionist and I'm told, that'll come in 2-3 months.
This job isn't so bad after all.

current mood: giddy

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
7:46 pm

Mel, Sara, Nic B

on stage!

separated at birth?


double fistin!!!

seems to be a recurring theme tonight.

On the Boardwalk

hittin the helium

Bitin off more than you can chew

at Ramiro's!!!!!

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Monday, September 29th, 2003
4:44 am
Sitting here thinking that drinking a Pepsi before bedtime was probably a bad idea.

Saturday was the most fun I've had in a while. Headed to PB with Mel, Nic B, and Jackie. Lucky me!
1st stop, the Tavern. It was my first time there and the guy-girl ratio was actually good, rare for a PB bar. So we had a few drinks there, Mel had a couple of friends that she knew there.
Next stop Typhoon Saloon, where we met up with Sara, Mel's roomie, and her 4 friends from Utah. Then we realized we couln't get in because the place won't allow anyone iin with flip-flops. Silly rule since the bar is centrally located in Pacific beach. So next stop... Bub's Dive bar. Jackie found 4 of her friends at this point, so our crew was getting pretty sizable.
Had a few beers, headed to our next stop, PB bar and grill, where we left Sara and her crew.

Mel, Jackie, Nic B and I headed to High Tide, where a co-worker of mine, Steve, knows the owner!
So we got hooked up with drinks and cake. Someone was holding a b-day party there that night.
We all had a damn good time there, our buzz was reaching a good level, the girls were getting hit on, and we all were taking in the discounted/free drinks.
Steve was manning the door all night, The original plan was for me to help out also, but he'd called me too late, so instead we showed up to drink.

But all good things come to an end, we stayed a little bit after they closed, and watched everyone get kicked out, but didn't stay too long as the girls were getting hungry. So for entertainment, they grabbed some ballons and we began the walk up to Ramiro's as they all took hits of helium and trying to hold a conversation without bursting into laughter.

Next stop Ramiro's! Perfect ending to a crazy night, a breakfast burrito.

We headed back to the car, which was 4 or 5 blocks down, but in our state, we take an alley down to the car. Keep in mind it's almost 3am. Mel realizes that this probably isn't the safest way to the car when she sees a transient by the side of the road. She was convinced he was going to jack us, not taking into consideration that he was old and half her size.

I manage to get us all home safely, but I end up falling asleep in my car.

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3:44 am


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Sunday, September 28th, 2003
8:02 am
Just got home from a late night with Mel, Nic B, and Jackie. I had a damn good time considering I was the only guy in the crew most of the night.
Reason I'm home this late? I fell asleep in the car .

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Saturday, September 20th, 2003
7:10 pm
I've got a case of the Mondays and it's only Saturday, I need to get out.

I started my weekend off on the wrong foot, went on a date last week with Danielle, someone I met a week ago. I admit she's not the type that I'd usually go for, but I gave it a shot. We went to the Taste of Downtown, where you buy a $20 ticket and you get to sample a bunch of different restaurants and even a beer tasting at the Yard House. Things started off pretty well, with decent conversation, but I don't think my heart was all in it, and I don't think she was all into me either, whether that was a result of her sensing that I wasn't all there, or maybe ithe chemistry was wrong...
But the result was, we didn't 'click' , she decided to email me after I called and left a message yesterday, basically saying how things aren't going to work out.

Sigh. I'm hopeless.

current mood: rejected

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
1:32 am

Tonight at Rock Bottom with the 2196 crew

Padres v Giants!!! Of course this was the one time this season they actually lost to the Pads

at least we had nice seats

No Officer, we have no alcohol in this car....


Andy, are you gonna finish that beer with the purse on your arm?

Christine's going away/ b-day party

Well, the 17 year old moved to FL to be closer to her child and conveniently enough, to live with her baby's daddy. haha!
It was not to be I guess.

Anyway movin on, it's been a little while since I posted, so here are some pics from the past 2 weeks.

We went to the Giants game last thursday...

Christine may be moving back to Sweden for a little while, so we had a little b-day party for her on Fri.

Life in general? I think things are looking better, the job is getting a tiny bit less stressful, it was mostly me trying to bring in superstar numbers, while the numbers I have are already very good.

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
2:00 am - Vegas

at McD's

18 in October

So I met Jenny's 2 friends in Vegas. They're both attractive but both semi-attached to boyfriends. So my dilemma is, why do I want to pursue the 17 year old???

OK, is it wrong of me to be thinking of pursuing Jontaie? Not only does she have a boyfriend, but she turns 18 in October...
I think there's something wrong with me, but on the other hand, maybe not, I mean look at the pics, I think she could pass for a young looking 20 year old :)

OK besides the fact that most everyone I've talked to seems against it, she does turn 18 this year... haha yes, I'm still considering it.
It'll hinge on whether or not she's moving to Florida, and whether or not she plans on splitting up with her man soon.

Anyway, in Vegas, it went down like this... Jorge was passed out faded Saturday night, so me and Reza headed out to the Rumjungle without him. When we get to Mandalay Bay, we predrink at the lounge, after which I spot Jontaie at the slots by herself, so we decide to take her with us to the club. She had a little argument with her boyfriend, so she was off by herself.
I was hoping to get her into the club without ID, since she had no fake ID. But it didn't work. So Reza and me headed in the club, while Jontaie waited outside.

So after we get in, I got my stamp and headed out to hang with my girl. we had a couple of drinks and talked about what her plans were, with her man, with her living situation... She's planning a move to FL, and splitting with her current man, supposedly. So we hung out for the rest of the night, nothing happened, Jenny and her other friend April found us, so we all hung out and drank...

Sunday morning was killer, I spent half the day trying not to regurgitate last night's tequila shots. We ended up leaving Sun @ 10pm and got home at 3am.

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Monday, September 1st, 2003
5:53 pm - previously at Mel's

Forgot to post up Mel's party pics from 2 weeks ago!
She threw a damn good b-day party for Jackie and Sara, on a Sunday night no less!
As you can see, I brought Whitney and her sister to the party along with their friend Amanda.

The other girl is Grace, who I discovered had a boyfriend that wasn't too happy about me talking to his girl.
But not much happened.
Apparently, they weren't too friendly to Andy or Khoa, who also had talked to Grace and her friend.
Man, if you're going to a party, expect to socialize, you dorks....

Other than that, the party was great. There was a black theme,everyone had to dress in black, so thats why we all match.

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4:40 am - Vegas!
Just got back from a much needed Vegas trip. Had a great time... at one point, I was up nearly $500! But things setlled down, and in the end I'm still up $300. I am a happy camper.
Met some great people this weekend,, my sister's model friend Jontaie, and another beautiful friend, April. Who I think has also done some modeling.
Unfortunately, Jontaie's boyfriend was with us the whole weekend, but he was a good guy.
I of course tried my best to chase Jontaie when her boyfriend wasn't watching. She's a great girl, down to earth, beautiful, but young!
We had to leave Vegas Sunday because Jorge had to work tonight, and Reza wanted to go home too. Wish I was still there, but it's for the better, I'd probably have lost more $$$.

pics to come.

current mood: tired

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